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Actually I have nothing to write,
but since Wei Hao asked me to update,
so I finally decided to write something about him,
Actually these few days I am emo-ing,
Because of maple stuff,
As I told u all that saturday is my bro Birthday,
on the moment i yamcha with them,
Someone sms-ed me and asked me to help him the next day he going to on x2 exp,
At that time I wanted to refuse him one,
but since he is my best friend too,
so i decided to help him lo,
Actually this is one of the reason i want to help him,
there is an another reason why I want to help him too,
But I unwilling to tell u all, [PaiSeh]
At first, he asked me to help on his id from 8am to 1pm @.@,
and Rser will be helping him to spam at Ulu and I suppose to afk there,
but he kena hacked on saturday and unable to help him to spam on sunday morning,
Therefore, he quite headache of it and keep thinking solution,
and Finally he decided to ask me on Munchyxx to guard map at Ulu,
Wth, if afk is still okay for me,
but he asked to me guard map means my eye should be 100% on computer every 5 seconds,
At the time I want to reject him 1,
but Dunno why i decided to help him,
Why I dunwan to help him?
Because I having Practical accessment for Web Page Design on Tuesday,
A Mid-term test for Web Page Design on Wednesday,
and finally A mid-term test for Management studies on Friday,
I haven finished study for this 2 subject,
and i edi plan to finish management by sunday,
but because of him, I delayed the time for me to finish...
I think this is still okay for me,
Because I still can manage it well and I got full mark for my Practical accessment, [Actually very easy -.-]
summore today's test for Web page design is quite easy and we are allowed to discuss -.-

This is not the point for me to emo,
The things made me emo is him,
As the plan i stated on Sunday to help him guard map,
I come out with an idea of on 2 computer to help him guard -.-
Why i want to on 2 computer?
This is because of I will dc when i using laptop,
lucky i didnt dc on the day la,
Around 1.30pm+ he finally free and the time for train himself,
he just on maple and asked me to off,
WITHOUT saying thank you to me,
but he keep say Thank you to Rser who is the spammer at Ulu -.-
WTF, At the time i very emo edi and made me cant concentrate on study,
Another point that made me emo too is he Level up TOO FAST!!!
He jumped from lv103 to lv120 just within a day on maple -.-
WTH so fast because he got bs id (lv200) to help him spam at Skele after lv108,
Then monday i asked him whether can help me to spam at skele on May?
but he said cant because of the owner feel like not happy on it,
So he just reject to help me and said can accompany with me when i on x2,
I think he quite self fish also,
Always think of himself, and never think of my condition?
Last time he always think of me one,
but this time i really dissapointed on him,
but its true la because that id is not his id also and he cant help me too much de...

Monday i was emo-ing too,
but until yesterday (Tuesday),
I willing to manage my emotion,
So i feel like its not fair for him to ended up our relationship just like this,
actually its my own personality problems,
its only depend on his heart lo,
So, yesterday I decided to say sorry to him and without letting him know the reason,
Why i decided to post at my blog?
Because I know that he will never visit my blog if i ask him to do so -.-
If you are accidentally saw it, I hope you can understand my condition too,
Anyway, Gratz you lv120 and on 4th!!!
Lastly, God please bless me on friday!!!

Yuen Wei!!!

What Should I say leh?
Today and yesterday are my friend Birthday!
They are Chin Wei (20/03) and Yuen Wei (21/03),
Sorry for Chin Wei because i late to post,
These few days i lazy to on blogspot and write my things,
I wanted to on 1,
But i scare of something else,
In Sem 1, i also got write blog and my result was not that good,
but Sem 2, I never update my blog and only start to blog after Final,
And my result was good,
I wondering is this real or just lucky like that?
So in these few days I wont update my blog unless you guys saw it la,
Den i have nothing to say, HAHA,
But since today is My bro Birthday,
So BO bian! Have to write something de ma, hehe...

Yesterday, I receive message from a girl,
She asking me whether want to hang out and yam cha tommorow,
I think I should be no problem,
But next week is my mid term test arr,
Actually i dunwan to go 1,
but its purpose is to celebrate my bro birthday,
So i ended up tommorow's plan and go with them,
But She told me to cheat him,
Because she wanted us to give him a surprise,
But this plan was failed,
Why? Because of me!!!
He said he already know because he know I never reject him 1,
Swt, This is not the reason OK!
Actually yesterday i got sms-ed him i can go 1,
But suddenly Pei Yi called me and inform me her plan,
So maybe this is the hints, so that he know we cheating them,
Us!!! [Me, Yuen Wei, Sze Ying, Pei Yi]
Around 12pm+, Pei Yi called me go buy cake with her,
But I never thought he gonna ask me go out on that time,
He so crazy ar,
Called me and say i am infront of your door,
Come out now and go cut hair with him,
Therefore i cant go with Pei Yi, Haiz,
After that we go Station 1 to celebrate his Birthday,
I yesterday only go station with Ck, Sam and Meng Wei ar,
Actually going Pokai, but Nevermind la,
One year One time, HEHE
So we talk craps there and play some games,
The games quite interesting and I like it,
I wish i could teach u all next time,
Maybe in the trip in sem break?
Who knows? We also haven plan yet,
We end up this celebration on 4pm+ and he fetch me back,
After that, Clydez called me to help him play,
Actually i dunwan but no choice,
Because next week got exam so i dunwan to help 1,
Aiya, but since we are Friend so i help lo, Haiz....
Wish I could finished study tmr!
God bless me!!!

Hehe! Forced by us!


I would like to share a video with you guys,
this video is introduced by Chun Kit,
After I watched it, I feel very touching and realise that we should not give up when you face any difficulites,
No matter how toughness the difficulties are,
Try to understand the problems and solve with the best way,
It's hard to withstand with difficulties,
but once you gone through,
you will feel happy and satisfied~
Here the video is ~

For TD1 gentleman and ladies,
Tan Fei have something to say to you all,
I scare the words written by Tan Fei in chat box will be flushed up,
So here the words he posted~

CBM : thx 4 everythg u had helped me in dis pass 2 semester..
maybe i shud be more hardworking=)..
anyways,take care n good luck to u and to all TD1 classmates..
i had a wonderful utar life with u al
3 Mar 09, 22:34

CBM : i wil nvr 4get u al bcoz u al had been a part of my life..
lastly wish u al pass ur foundation with high cgpa n have fun =D
3 Mar 09, 22:36

and here the replys to your message~

CBM @ MojoJojo : LOL, thx for the wished and take care of urself hehe,
yea once we noe each others u edi interfere my life and its become a part of my life also,
I believe that u can success in future

CBM @ MojoJojo : If you found any problems u can share with me 1,
I will be available at all the time,
dun forget that u r my music updater,
continue be my updater if can,
wish u can pass all at mmu also la hehe
3 Mar 09, 23:21

CBM @ MojoJojo: and lastly try to visit my blog more hehe~
3 Mar 09, 23:32

Err, it's hard for me to express my feeling at here,
I hope that someone is willing to listen~

Me and cute Fei =P

Me, cute Fei and Andrew ^.^

Today Tanfei got the answer of withdrawal stuff,
He said that today will be the last day staying at UTAR,
It's really a shock news to us,
Because before he told us that last week only don't come,
He is the 3rd person who withdrawed in my class,
The 1st 2 person is Boh and Kuan,
We all also get shocked when we heard they withdrawed,
After Management Class,
Me, Tanfei and Andrew went to the Wendy's to eat,
it can be considered as a farewell for him,
but due to pasar malam,
Dailou they all have to go back early before Pasar Malam starts,
It's still fun although i not understanding about Dota they talking about,
I was tried to understand it,
Maybe 10 years later i can understand better?
I regreted that i didnt took photo while we are eating,
but I have took some photo with him during Management class and its have been shown at top,
Actually Tanfei is quite smart,
but the only things weekness is lazy,
Lazy to study,
Maybe you didn't play much dota recently even some others games,
but you still have to work hard for pursuit your goals,
Maybe it is just a simple goal,
want to pass in your exam,
but my advises to you is try not to be lazy,
and starting to read and try to understand it,
If you don't understand any part in the subject,
you can find someone else to teach you,
maybe I can help too if i am free, XD
You can be a pro too if u work hard for your study,
Okay, I have to stop now,
because some people will say me very ah po later,
but this time is the same feeling as last time when we gonna back home in NS,
the kind of feeling like splitting friends,
Today I got the feeling too,
For those who are missed the farewell,
Don't be too upset,
He is still available in subang until this week friday,
Maybe you can find him out and yamcha,
and Lastly wish you pass your car test in this coming monday.

I really appreciate to Clydez helps in my drama,
it can be said that is a asignment for English for Communication,
He tried to give me a lot of the ideas,
and some laughing points,
Although some people said that his ideas is a bit normal and nothing speacial,
but i wont get influenced,
our group have decided to used it, XD
Thank you once again~

The first day and the starting of the Sem 3 in the UTAR,
It's a Final Sem of staying UTAR in PJ campus,
Well, Today's lecture and tutorial is quite okay,
but the bad news is about my friend, Tan Fei,
He maybe will be leaving UTAR by next week,
His mum called him go to MMU for something like IT degree course,
At first, I don't like people to withdraw in the half way of studies,
But, after few hours,
I realise that if you really don't have any interest on that course,
You should stop it now,
By the way you are wasting money also,
but it is the best way to solve the problem,
I tried to persuade him to stay at UTAR,
but he said that about 80% will be going MMU as what was planed by his mum,
What I can do for him now is Hope he will be fine at there,
My friend told me that maybe me could help him pass throughout whole foundation,
but you could not help him to pass in degree,
Now is depends on what his interest and follow that ways,
God please lead the way to my friend~

Another bad things also,
I don't know why you treat me differently as the time in sem 2,
We just talk about few sentences then no more edi,
what is happening to us?






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