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Today I go yamcha with my S1 gang,
We went to 4 Happy Seasons,
The restaurant Total got 4 different season - Spring, Summer, Autumn and lastly Winter
Today we chose to go Winter with the rainy day,
Inside the room was very cold,
Lucky that restaurant have provided jackets for us to wear!
haha, The degree celsius is below 15C @.@
Very cold leh,
Then We eat eat eat and Drink Drink Drink,
I lazy write ler,
See the pictures below will tell you more!

PS : We very Zhi Lian -.-

[Spring Room]

[Summer Room]

[Winter Room]


[I busying Take photo! F3 and Shiang]

[Chun Shin, Eng] {Eng, wad u dunwan to hear? F3}


[Me and Bear Bear]

[Dun see so nice, It's very exp and less food -.-]


[My Cappuccino!]

[Smile, Siong Kiat]

[Eng Dunno i taking photo! F3]

[Kia Siang Kesian nia!]

[Siong Kiat and I]

[Chun Shin and I!]

[Pei Shan and I]

[Eng Eng and I!]

[Kah Yee and I!]

[Kah Yee and Pei Shan]


[Guess Who is it?]

[My Friends!]

[Pity-nya Kia Siang]

[Smile Again]

[Woan Shiang and I!]


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I like the ghost pic!!

Add oil in ur final!!
I know u can de!

Same to u too, Shiang
Thx ya

Ok No problem hahaha

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