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Excellent guys~
Today is the day of our class presentation,
My group was kena the 2nd 1 to present,
Tracy group was kena the 1st 1,
I think my group member were did very well,
Thank U all!!!
but We have and unfair lecturer, >.<
Why I say so?
Because honestly la,
I am not Emo or what,
Those last minute people's web site,
presentation and report all higher than my group and tracy group,
I don't know maybe we have face problem or lecturer's problem?
Besides this,
she told us that no wear tie = not formal! lols
This is the lesson i learn today >.<
Swt sia,
where got people say no tie mean not formal, -.-!!!
Its just unfair for us,
Anyway we can't blame others,
Maybe they did better than us and we also don't know leh,
Between I still can accept it lar,
haha We don't think about the past,
and just think of future and current situation!

Tomorrow is the day of drama,
Today our TD1 group all stay back until around 5pm,
while Tracy group and Shao Tat group were sharing room with us,
Tracy group's voice were so loud until sometimes we can't hear the speak,
bo bian,
Today is the last day we can practice,
I hope that my "bra" wont drop down before the climax part, >.<
I hope that everything will be fine tomorrow...
God please bless my group >.<

How, How, How?
I am now lazy to touch my mangement book and web page book,
Feel like relaxing ~
Not getting ready to fight my last war!
How i get 4.0 this time?


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