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Today, The last day of staying UTAR, PJ campus,
also the last day of studying in foundation,
Throughout the 3 sem,
I am very happy because i knew alot of true friends as well as lecturers XD,
Although the subject is tough for us,
We will try to study hard for it in order to get FULL scholarship!!!
My Last War in foundation,
I MUST MUST MUST study hard to get 4.0 T.T,
I want full scholarship,
All bless me please!!!

[Alex and me !!!!]

[Arggg, What he touching? haha (Me and Chen Hoong)]

[Jia Cong and I!]

[Wei Hao and I!!]

[Me, My beloved Management lecture ( Ms. Khor ) and Tracy!!!]

Morning in the class,
All of us are busy taking photo with friends,
Of course me included!,
After the Management Lecture (last class in foundation),
We td1 are planned to go MV for bowling!
Before getting the way to MV,

[In the way to car park]

We went to Wendy to buy ice-cream, @.@
First taste are really nice,
but after few bited,
i feel bored for it -.-
I dunno why, just feel not nice taste after that,
We went to MV by 4 different cars - KW, CW, Dailou and Tracy,
lols so many cars but onli 13 of us going, @.@
After reached there,
Karwai's car are reached there 1st,
so Ck and Kw went to Da Kei!

[Fast and Furious? Kar wai~]

[Winning hehe, Chun Kit]


After that, We went to bowling for 3 games @.@
My hands still pain now >.<
Because I am not an expert at bowling,
Luckily my scores for 3 games were still nice, 65, 82 and 103!!!,
I am improved alot!!! hehe...

[My gang!! KarWai, Me and Anson!!]

[Haha, Shhhhh, They dunno I had been taken the picture!]

[Checking Mark @.@]

After the bowling,
We all are tired and decided to go back home,
I has been taken 2 hours @.@ again to go back,
Because i take public transport and the LRT keep stop moving in the middle of the way, Suck >.<
Night, I were playing Maple with my beloved friends!

I don't know what happen to my family now,
Everything seem seriously and I am gonna start interfere it when sem break,
It's very Annoying and everytime i studying my family for sure will tell me this things, >.<
I hate to know it but maybe I can change everythings!
So Please Please Please,
Dun tell me everything about it again now!
I wan to study -.-

@ I am exciting for the coming TD1 gathering, Why? Because AH FEI is GOING!!!!
@@ More Picture for today's event will be uploaded more next day !!!


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