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Today I go yamcha with my S1 gang,
We went to 4 Happy Seasons,
The restaurant Total got 4 different season - Spring, Summer, Autumn and lastly Winter
Today we chose to go Winter with the rainy day,
Inside the room was very cold,
Lucky that restaurant have provided jackets for us to wear!
haha, The degree celsius is below 15C @.@
Very cold leh,
Then We eat eat eat and Drink Drink Drink,
I lazy write ler,
See the pictures below will tell you more!

PS : We very Zhi Lian -.-

[Spring Room]

[Summer Room]

[Winter Room]


[I busying Take photo! F3 and Shiang]

[Chun Shin, Eng] {Eng, wad u dunwan to hear? F3}


[Me and Bear Bear]

[Dun see so nice, It's very exp and less food -.-]


[My Cappuccino!]

[Smile, Siong Kiat]

[Eng Dunno i taking photo! F3]

[Kia Siang Kesian nia!]

[Siong Kiat and I]

[Chun Shin and I!]

[Pei Shan and I]

[Eng Eng and I!]

[Kah Yee and I!]

[Kah Yee and Pei Shan]


[Guess Who is it?]

[My Friends!]

[Pity-nya Kia Siang]

[Smile Again]

[Woan Shiang and I!]

Today, The last day of staying UTAR, PJ campus,
also the last day of studying in foundation,
Throughout the 3 sem,
I am very happy because i knew alot of true friends as well as lecturers XD,
Although the subject is tough for us,
We will try to study hard for it in order to get FULL scholarship!!!
My Last War in foundation,
I MUST MUST MUST study hard to get 4.0 T.T,
I want full scholarship,
All bless me please!!!

[Alex and me !!!!]

[Arggg, What he touching? haha (Me and Chen Hoong)]

[Jia Cong and I!]

[Wei Hao and I!!]

[Me, My beloved Management lecture ( Ms. Khor ) and Tracy!!!]

Morning in the class,
All of us are busy taking photo with friends,
Of course me included!,
After the Management Lecture (last class in foundation),
We td1 are planned to go MV for bowling!
Before getting the way to MV,

[In the way to car park]

We went to Wendy to buy ice-cream, @.@
First taste are really nice,
but after few bited,
i feel bored for it -.-
I dunno why, just feel not nice taste after that,
We went to MV by 4 different cars - KW, CW, Dailou and Tracy,
lols so many cars but onli 13 of us going, @.@
After reached there,
Karwai's car are reached there 1st,
so Ck and Kw went to Da Kei!

[Fast and Furious? Kar wai~]

[Winning hehe, Chun Kit]


After that, We went to bowling for 3 games @.@
My hands still pain now >.<
Because I am not an expert at bowling,
Luckily my scores for 3 games were still nice, 65, 82 and 103!!!,
I am improved alot!!! hehe...

[My gang!! KarWai, Me and Anson!!]

[Haha, Shhhhh, They dunno I had been taken the picture!]

[Checking Mark @.@]

After the bowling,
We all are tired and decided to go back home,
I has been taken 2 hours @.@ again to go back,
Because i take public transport and the LRT keep stop moving in the middle of the way, Suck >.<
Night, I were playing Maple with my beloved friends!

I don't know what happen to my family now,
Everything seem seriously and I am gonna start interfere it when sem break,
It's very Annoying and everytime i studying my family for sure will tell me this things, >.<
I hate to know it but maybe I can change everythings!
So Please Please Please,
Dun tell me everything about it again now!
I wan to study -.-

@ I am exciting for the coming TD1 gathering, Why? Because AH FEI is GOING!!!!
@@ More Picture for today's event will be uploaded more next day !!!




10th April 2009 is my last last last presentation in UTAR pj campus,
also can be considered as my Last presentation in Foundation,
So happy,
My group's presentation was very successful,
I have to thank to my group members,
You all did a very well job,
After the presentation,
Sushi, Frog Zai and I went to Pc fair together,
After reached KLCC,
We were walk separately,
Because My fren - bear bear was called me to accompany him to buy external hard disk,
In the PC fair,
I met Yenn Rou, Siong Kit, Wai Hung and so on,
What I can said is Yenn Rou fat edi, [Not my own opinion but also others, F3]
Hope she wont mind wad i said la,
I bought laptop skin, 2 Earphone and lastly my laptop cooler fan....

[Guess What is it?]

[DaDang, My laptop skin! Nice leh]

[My 2 earphone, I bought 2 because the another 1 is for backup usage! Hehe]

[Lousy Cooler Fan, It's very cheap F3]

All my friend are welcome to watch my group's Drama XD,
Here is the video F3

Title : Snow Black
Andrew acting as Witch
Chun Kit acting as Plasma and The Hug
Shen Joe (me) acting as Wong Fei Hong and Mulan
Anson acting as Prince Arthas
KarWai acting as Phua Chu Kang

PS :
@ Andrew was in a gal dress...
@@ My laptop was hang, therefore I came out from back screen to take my backup phone >.<
@@@ Our torch light was lost therefore......

Today is Td1 and Td2 drama day,
We all are excited and nervous for it,
As you all can see that,
before the drama getting started,
We all are dress up and are ready for the drama,
In the beginning of the drama,
Guess what I saw? =P
I saw Shin Ji was acting L!!!!
So nice and handsome hahahaha!
Anyway i hate Shit Tat in the girl look,
Dun say edi, Going to vomit... F3
Andrew finally found someone to lend him skirt ( Chin Wei's one )and shirt ( Tracy's one )
His look still ok lar.
Honestly, I am really feel ABIT disappointed on our drama,
Everything was fine,
but I was forgetting script for my "Mulan" part,
And my "bra" was not ready and tight yet when the time I have to go out,
zzzz, Told them don't so early come out,
Wait me done dress up 1st,
Suak ler...
You know i hate borrowing tools to others,
Because i know we sure missed this thing when our drama show time,
We lost our torch light and that why I hate borrowing others!!!! [GeRamJi-nya]
It's past, and I not going to say again after this,
its reminding me alot!
Anyway, My team did very well job!!!
I am really appreciate you all for it,
And please forgive me if you feel I am giving you stress, HEHE
Sorry for CK... F3

Since from 3 week ago,
I found that I have an "interesting" power happened on me,
This power is just same as Tracy,
Our sight on the alarm,
These few days,
I keep seeing 0808, 2323, 1111, 1010, 0606, 000, and so on,
I don't know it's interesting or not,
But someone told me that it shows you are lucky,
I not dare to know lar,
Besides from this,
I also found out that,
Everything I scare or worry,
And it will for sure happen in the coming day,
For example,
Yesterday i was worrying about torch light,
and I keep reminding Chun Kit to take the torch light from them,
But we still lost it. Sweat!!!
Another case,
For the web page design presentation,
I always scare Dillion and KarWai will miss some point,
so before the presentation,
I also keep reminding them but still....
For now I am worry for the coming Management Presentation,
I scare everything I worry for will come true again,
So, I not dare to think about it again,

Anyway our drama video will be uploaded tomorrow,
Please patiently wait for it!!!!

[Myself after i change my hair style =P, notice my back side hair is in terbalik U-shape]

[TD1 gang!]

[The Guys gang!]

[My _ _ _ _ _] Guess XP

[Lunch at PC after the presentation!]

[Jian Bao and me XD]

[Td1 gangs! Taken when Shin tat group were presenting. XD]

[My Web page design Team!]

[Dai lou Team!]

[Tracy team!]

[I am presenting!]

[I am presenting _ _ _'s favourite cars]

[Ah ma was presenting!]

Excellent guys~
Today is the day of our class presentation,
My group was kena the 2nd 1 to present,
Tracy group was kena the 1st 1,
I think my group member were did very well,
Thank U all!!!
but We have and unfair lecturer, >.<
Why I say so?
Because honestly la,
I am not Emo or what,
Those last minute people's web site,
presentation and report all higher than my group and tracy group,
I don't know maybe we have face problem or lecturer's problem?
Besides this,
she told us that no wear tie = not formal! lols
This is the lesson i learn today >.<
Swt sia,
where got people say no tie mean not formal, -.-!!!
Its just unfair for us,
Anyway we can't blame others,
Maybe they did better than us and we also don't know leh,
Between I still can accept it lar,
haha We don't think about the past,
and just think of future and current situation!

Tomorrow is the day of drama,
Today our TD1 group all stay back until around 5pm,
while Tracy group and Shao Tat group were sharing room with us,
Tracy group's voice were so loud until sometimes we can't hear the speak,
bo bian,
Today is the last day we can practice,
I hope that my "bra" wont drop down before the climax part, >.<
I hope that everything will be fine tomorrow...
God please bless my group >.<

How, How, How?
I am now lazy to touch my mangement book and web page book,
Feel like relaxing ~
Not getting ready to fight my last war!
How i get 4.0 this time?

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