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Today alot unlucky thing happened on me,
Firstly is regarding driving car 1,
As usual I passed by Pasar Pagi every morning,
and Today something very Geramji happened,
A car driving opposite me and scolding me,
The way are to sempit for my car to go through
But that fellow keep scold me and knock my car asking me faster go through -.-
Diu -.-
I wan reverse but he dun allow -.-
Then started to scold me,
When leaving also not forgotten to scold me and knock my car -.-
Hampic langgar dao others stall -.-
All blame to him,
Anyway, I not mind since he is elder than me and maybe he very old liao,
If tmr i saw him agn, i will SURELY defence him back -.-

Today is also a exam day,
so yesterday we all burning midnight oil and working hard on MATH!
I slept at and woke up at 5.30am @.@
So tiring and my eye very pain,
Even though everyone thought my math very good and no need to study,
But the true is terbalik 1,
Every time before math exam i surely slept lately and wake up earlier than usual -.-
Maybe I am too stresss?
But today's test i was not that good as I were in foundation,
Maybe degree got alot pro then i started to tension liao T.T

Yesterday night my guai zai was toooo "free",
and he draw something for me before he go sleep -.-
Sweat dao si

He is trying to burn his book? @.@

Hm!, waste my money to buy book for you !

Yes, Help me kill him pls -.-

I think i am not included?

Who's died? My son?

What a day i been through today?
It was really a bad day for me!
Today we having our first presentation for construction in degree,
Therefore, Yuan Chin, Rong Hwa and me are decided to present it while others just waiting for the Q & A section,
As most of the people from our group are mostly come from foundation and A level,
so, we are almost familiar with presentation,
Sometimes, it might be nervous but I treat it as a normal thing already,
We are human right? Nervous is normal for us.

Well, we three people have to come early today and practice for it,
So far we could manage to rehearse for 4 times until we could present for 8mins at maximum,
I canceled a lots of the part in my presentation due to lacking of the time,
This time I got improved since I only used 1 hour time yesterday midnight to practice and cut slide,
and in the end i could remember most of them!
Pro leh ~ ^^ Don't praise myself liao, later people say i perasan! F3
Anson was so unlucky have to come early too but he no need to present,
this is because of our assignment are still with him,
So we wanted him to come early and binds our assignment and tape it,
After he gave us the report then he started to sleep until the tutor came in,
Nowadays I realised that most of my gang easy to fall asleep in tutorial class and lecture class especially to AhMeng and Anson,
My son was scared to sleep in class when i around him,
Because I will take his sleeping face picture and let others to see it!
Hope he didn't read my blog, later he scold me again,
Where got son scold his father de?
Maybe he is the first 1? F3

Tick Tot, Tick Tot....
Time is runing and pass by us,
not even got 1 classmate go in class when the time was at 8.40am and we having tutorial at 9.00am which is the presentation time!
When it approaching to 8.45am,
I finally could see my classmate entered class and memorising the talk,
After our tutor came in,
He explained some rules for us and saying this presentation cannot exceed 8mins and we have 2 mins for the Q & A section,
Actually last last week he told us that we have 10mins for our presentation and i never thought there is a need for us to put a 2mins Q & A section there -.-
Lucky my son was went through their presentation last week and he told me too!
"SomeOne" so bad 1 lo,
I treat them so good but they never inform me 1,
I did every thing for them and ease their life,
and they ended up treat me like that,
"God No Eye arrrh"!!!
Well, when we senting out presentation soft copy to tutor,
I told him we want to be the first one to present,
and we did told him we are using our own laptop to present,
But can you guess what he replied me?
He said "Can you please wait for the last one to present? Since i don't want people waste their time when you are set up for the laptop -.- "
We forced to be the last one so i have nothing to say,
After that, the first group he called to present also using their own laptop,
Then can you guys guess again what he said?
He said "Okay, No problem -.-"
WAdda hell?
Can you all think what's the different between my group and their group?
Maybe my face very yong sui and he purposely don't want me to present,
and then finally he let us to be the second group to present,
The reason why I want the first group to present is I don't want to wait because it might create a nervous enviroment to me and sometimes i will forgot the points that I going to talk later.

After we set up the laptop,
Our presenter were did a very good job on it,
Our presentation was consider good enough,
But we cannot manage to answer the question from tutor,
We are soooo unlucky and kena this 2 question -.-
Actually the question are come from our report one,
But we all are done the report since 2-3 weeks ago and we just have our Fluid and Survey test last 2 day,
All of the information i were typed to the report are forgotten,
Our group question are :
1) Can you please tell me what is Certificate of Fitness?
2) What the name we called for the employor who are sent to the site?

Can you imagine how hard it is?
I know this two thing we have written in our report,
but it were Really a very very very VERY sub part for the entire assignment!
I only mention 2 sentence in the report so i never thought he will ask for that -.-
The 1st question is about consultants 1 which is done by me and the 2nd question is about employer which is done by chee how,
Both of us managed to get it half correct but he still say wrong -.-
The answer we said is :
1) Certificate of Fitness is the certificate that given by government to ensure the safety of the structure and needed to get dring the construction.
2) Clerk of .... (the last word we forgot edi T.T)

Then here is the answer he told us :
1) this certificate is to let the government to check the building after they completed the construction and whether it is safe to open to all of us.
2) Clerk of (World or Work) I forgot edi -.-

Can you guys compare this 2 ans? We almost got it correct rite?
But he still say its wrong and I estimate we lost 4 mark out of 40 marks!!!
He asked us to seek help from my classmate but noone is able to help us since they don't know the answer too -.-
So moody ar today!
Then others group kena those question is quite easy de except for the first question for Winston's group,
For me i also don't know how to ans lo!
Well, this presentation was passed and we are waiting for our second assignment which we hope we can really do it well!

My Group member!
(CheeHow, WeiChun, Myself, YuanJin and Anson)
Do you guys notice the backgroud light was look like the light from heaven? LOL

LOL? what the posing we both acting?

Picture with others group!
(Top) [CheeHow, YuanJin, WeiChun and Anson]
(Mid) [Winston, Apple, myself, I dunno this guys name] LOL
(Front) [JiaHao]

After taken the pictures then i changed my formal shirt,
Because later having my survey practical lab!
I don't want to wear a formal shirt and sweating there,
So far I also want to complain "SomeOne2"
He always make us wait ar,
and Today i waited for him for about 15mins or 20mins like tat,
and we wasted that time to left my setting there and waiting for him to check,
The wind was blowing strongly at that moment,
and our nails was not tighten up yet so it was senget abit,
then when he checking it and scold me lo,
Why the bottom never centered 1st,
Two times also kena leh,
Since i know how to do edi so we decided not letting him to check.
Next, we moving to a more steep slope hill beside library!
This time the setting really hard and I used about 30mins to set up the 1st part,
I also haven finish it u know?
Then I gave up first because I don't want my group member to wait for me,
Lucky i made an appointment next week to practice more for it,
Winston and apple were able to set it up, T.T
Only me cannot do yet!
Some of the others group gave up because it really very tough,
and Anson's group are the fastest group to finish it,
All of them set it up very fast,
Anson and me are forced to separate since others group are lacking 1 people in each group,
So i join winston's group and anson join Chua's group,
and they said we must able to o centering in 8mins time -.-
What the hell?
It's that possible for me?
Since we have our survey practical test,
So I would like to try more and more next week so that when test coming I wont so panic!!
Hope the coming Math test and report and assignment and tutorial and alllll the lab I could manage to do it!!!

Winston setting the Theodeolite!

3/07/09 (Friday)
Last two week,
My class were went through survey practical task 2,
Well, it was really fun and most important we did enjoying for it,
My relationship with my classmate now is more closer and closer,
I think all of us would turns to good friend soon,

Yes it was me! I peeking girls~ shhsss...

7/7/09 (Tuesday)

Paiseh, the picture are not clear due to my "Lao Ya" handphone~

Lol, Cm's gf with wei chun~

Well, There were 16 of us that day,
and I went there with WeiHao,
I thought it was a BBQ,
But i don't know why they made a sudden changes due to lack of something,
Therefore, it ended up with a simple buffet -.-
The food consider okay and still acceptable,
The only thing i would like to complain is i eat little there @.@
Overall, it was really nice and thank you guys!

13/07/09 (Monday)

O.o, Breadboard

Voltage supply

Things to measure R, V and curent~

Well, That day we went through our first practical lab for circuit theory,
It was really rush for us since we having class from 9am to 12pm,
and straight go to lab at 12pm,
But of cause we could manage to eat our lunch by ponteng SunZi's lecture,
By looking at those tiny resistor and wire,
My eye is becoming more tired as I need to focus more,
Before that, I were really not feeling well due to lacking of sleeping time,
What I did yesterday?
I were studying Fluid Mechanics because having test on wednesday class,
Manatau, he come out with the question so easy 1,
Until almost all of us can do it and maybe scored full mark in the exam too!
Maybe he want us more people to pass Fluid so that, others will know how "well" he taught us.
Anyway, I think it was not really call a test,
We should call it as a tutorial paper as all of us can copy paste,
It's kinda not fair to me "hard working" guys who managed to finish the all the 5 chapters tested in the exam,
He also tell us more tips and the formula we need to used in the exam. -.-
The worst thing is the midterm' solution we can find it from the solution book for text book,
I never thought he would did that for us but i think it was not a midterm i want,
He can find us pass but can't he out those question which are come from text book?
I think he should edit the question first for us,
Cheating is still okay for me since i want my friends to pass their exam,
But at least he change abit for the question,
Anyway, it was a past tense and I don't want to remind it!

I finally come back and touch my blog,
Sorry if i been away so long,
My blog almost dead edi ^^
I lazy to update since the first day of my sem 3 holiday and until now,
What i did in the sem break are,
i) everyday maple,
ii) midnight hang out with secondary friends,
iii) watch anime - Bleach and Naruto >.<

Well, My main in maple finally 4th and I have to thanks to Clydez, Lance and Fei,
They helped us alot in Maple while i training my character and now i m lv149, ^^
My status in maple is currently inactive due to my degree course started 4 weeks ago,
What i did everyday is just study, watch drama, anime, chatting with Sha Po, Sha Gong, suf net, Sometimes i will feel bored of it,
But i have no choice and get used to it,
I missed the lecturer and study style in PJ campus although the facilities there is poor compare to Setapak campus,
Now i m busy with my report, study, asignment and tutorials,
We have to study ourselves since the lecturer over setapak campus is not so good,
haiz, feel very stress because I have to maintain cgpa at 3.30 with all subjects credit,
I hope i can do it! ^^

Now i am lazy to type what i did in sem break,
Therefore i will show you all with pictures of what i did in sem break and after sem break^^

Sunway Piramid ( 14/5/09)

At Kopi Diam before depart to sunway ^^

At lift ^^

Top view~

Changing Shoe~

Out favaurite sushi king ^^

Pandang sini la!

Woah ^^

At lift again ^^

Magic mirror?

Buffet @ 有缘 near piramid~

Pity-nya, wwk's leg injuried F3

Ice Cream twin tower!!!

chatting ^^

Midnight movie - Angel and Demons ( 20/5/09)

Midnight movie - Coming Soon ( 7/5/09)

Chee Keong's 1st blood and same to me also

Road Block at 3am!!! So rajin ^^ My 1st time also

Happy Birthday!!! ( 13/6/09)

Happy birthday to PeiShan, YennRou and SiongKiat!


Smile ^^

Receiving present from us! SiongKiat got Bikini, YennRou got Bear bear and PeiShan got "Ma Ying Tong"


Deal! exchanging!

Woah, What Eng Eng did to Shiang? Why she is crying?

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