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I finally come back and touch my blog,
Sorry if i been away so long,
My blog almost dead edi ^^
I lazy to update since the first day of my sem 3 holiday and until now,
What i did in the sem break are,
i) everyday maple,
ii) midnight hang out with secondary friends,
iii) watch anime - Bleach and Naruto >.<

Well, My main in maple finally 4th and I have to thanks to Clydez, Lance and Fei,
They helped us alot in Maple while i training my character and now i m lv149, ^^
My status in maple is currently inactive due to my degree course started 4 weeks ago,
What i did everyday is just study, watch drama, anime, chatting with Sha Po, Sha Gong, suf net, Sometimes i will feel bored of it,
But i have no choice and get used to it,
I missed the lecturer and study style in PJ campus although the facilities there is poor compare to Setapak campus,
Now i m busy with my report, study, asignment and tutorials,
We have to study ourselves since the lecturer over setapak campus is not so good,
haiz, feel very stress because I have to maintain cgpa at 3.30 with all subjects credit,
I hope i can do it! ^^

Now i am lazy to type what i did in sem break,
Therefore i will show you all with pictures of what i did in sem break and after sem break^^

Sunway Piramid ( 14/5/09)

At Kopi Diam before depart to sunway ^^

At lift ^^

Top view~

Changing Shoe~

Out favaurite sushi king ^^

Pandang sini la!

Woah ^^

At lift again ^^

Magic mirror?

Buffet @ 有缘 near piramid~

Pity-nya, wwk's leg injuried F3

Ice Cream twin tower!!!

chatting ^^

Midnight movie - Angel and Demons ( 20/5/09)

Midnight movie - Coming Soon ( 7/5/09)

Chee Keong's 1st blood and same to me also

Road Block at 3am!!! So rajin ^^ My 1st time also

Happy Birthday!!! ( 13/6/09)

Happy birthday to PeiShan, YennRou and SiongKiat!


Smile ^^

Receiving present from us! SiongKiat got Bikini, YennRou got Bear bear and PeiShan got "Ma Ying Tong"


Deal! exchanging!

Woah, What Eng Eng did to Shiang? Why she is crying?


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