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I really bo mood now,
11.13pm now,
and I was testing my security code for my maple,
I ACCIDENTALLY scratched over,
some codes are gone,
What shuld i do now?
I cant guess the 4 or 5 codes gone also,
My RM12 leh,
WHY everything i planed was not the same in my dream?
I thought everything would be smooth?
Why all of you want to play me like that?
Pet society also cant hack coin >.<
ask people, people also didnt reply,
What you all want me to do?
Rejected midnight movie from my frens,
Due to the 2x exp plan is going on tmr,
but now no one is willing to help me xfer,
Ask people help me also dunwan help,
Really so busy meh?
That time i helping you I still have exam going on tmr,
But now u juz replied me and say u are busy -.-
Tonight I really bo mood,
I wish i could quit maple after i 4th job,
Why you always want to make me suffer like tat?
Now i am enough for the troublesome came to me,
I don't need any extra now >.<
What game problem, movie problem, family problem, my personal problems?
I cant withstand it alll at once >.<
Please stop coming please >.<

Well, Today should be a happy day,
Because I having a hangout with my TD1 gangs,
Can be said as Gathering or Farewell like that,
because some people are going to Kampar, ToC, Pj and so on,
Therefore, we all are called to have a last day meet. haha
Details and photos will be uploaded on Wednesday.....

>.< style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">SERIOUS lo!
Why YOU always give us alot troublesomes?
Don't you know all people were worring about YOU?
I was regret that i didnt do my job when things happened,
Yes, Maybe i am selfish,
I was preparing my Final exam and staying at PJ,
And there is only a few hours or days staying at home,
Maybe We just have a few hours on the night can talk?
Because YOU always go out in the day >.<
A girl Should not go out frequently,
YOU should stay at home and BE a usual girl,
Please STOP thinking those things,
Everyone were MAD on YOU!
Can YOU please at least listen to OUR advise before YOU decided a thing?
Now they edi allow YOU to do WADEVER YOU like,
Can YOU please just give us A FEW MIN or SECONDS to let us talk to YOU?

Somethings happened in my life,
I thought it's just a simple thing,
and yet become a very serious case in the end,
I Wish I was there when the things happen,
We all can't forced you to do a thing,
but now we are spoiling your mind,
We should avoid this thing from the begining,
and now it became inflexible,
and We cant easily changed with ours hand,
Time past quickly,
and you were not here for 1 weeks @.@
Please just don't think of the past,
You still have a bright future,
All the people are worrying about you,
so, Hope you can understand us and come back soooon~

Sorry for late reply~~~

遊戲規則:被點到名字的人要在自已的blog裡寫下答案。 傳給其它8個人。列出其它8個被點名的人,到他們的blog裡留言通知。被點名者不得拒絕。被點名的人將會得到大家的祝福(認真),並且所有願望都會實現哦。

答:hmmmm, Hard to say so, because sometimes i will very very hate her but sometimes dunno I cant control myself and go talk to her again >.<

答:Honesty 信任

答:Maple Spammer who can make me to 4th within few hours ZZZZZZZZZ

答:ugly and toooo sensitive



答:4th job T.T

答:So so...

答:Myself happy can ler~

答:lovely, kind, honesty, nice and ofcoz beautiful~

答:Changable 1, sometimes hate him/her but sometimes like him/her.. LOL

答:Tak tau~ Lazy think future things

答:Tak ada, Because cant on9 i cant die T.T

答:Buy Cash, Car, House, Reference book, Gift, Handphone, Laptop and lastly giv some of it to my family~ =P


答:Tak tau

答:Tak tau

答:Rm 3000 above!

答:>.< Tak tau, tak ada Gf yet....


答:ALOT and cant tell!

答:Can absorb people's POWER!!!! so i got alot alot power F3!!!


答: No one!

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Sorry to keep you all waiting,
I was away from blog to prepare my FINAL exam,
Yesterday just finished the last subject - Management~
~Phew~ Quite easy, hehe...

27/04 - First day of Final,
Today was my first final and it was English for communication subject,
I quite dissapointed on myself,
Many question i cant do well as i expected,
The arrangement sentence was sooooo HARD T.T
I think i cant score well this time,
Not same as Writing for science which i did quite well in sem2,
Even the word form I also wrong many question,
How I score A this time leh?
Izzit my full scholarship dream gone???

30/04 - 2nd day of Final!
Today time so fast,
and I came out early in exam,
First time came out early in foundation!
because today's paper was very easy @.@
Web page Design,
But some question like MIDI I cant do it,
Because it is not within our lecture slide,
How they want us to write o?
Therefore I just simply crap there and pass up the paper,
I came out with alex and we chit chat there~

[My Pj house~ Big leh hehe]

[Taken when came back from exam >.<]

[The mirror i everyday facing F3]

[My bedrooom i sleep at top >.<]

[and Finally my desk~]

Today is my last day staying in PJ!
Hmm, quite excited because I finally can escape from this place and back to my home!
So after the exam i just pack my bag aand waiting my father to fetch me at night~
As usual, After i reached my house,
I heard alot unwanted news from my family tooooo,
TOLONG please, i want concentrate my exam but you all keeep telling those stuff,
What you all want me to do?
Me alone cant change anything also,
Advise also advise liao,
What you all expected?
Told you all dun kacau me when my exam is going on >.<
But I still can feel the warmth of my home.

02/05 - LAST day of Final!!!
Hehe, Today I soooo excited for my final paper,
But so sui lo, Utar put it at 2pm, >.<
I woke up early in the morning, and as usual open my restaurant city,
Ofcoz the Restaurant City left it there and study for my Management Studies!
Yesterday I slept at 2.30am,
Although i have confident on this paper,
But my brain keep remind me to memorising once again before i went to sleep,
And today morning I also stilll memorising it,
But in the way of relaxing memorise the scope given by my BELOVED lecturer {Ms. Khor!} Heheeeee, Told you all i am Setapak currently,
So i asked Weihao come my house and fetch me F3 His driving skilll suck >.<
Fast like hellll,
haha, I wish i could drive the car but my mum is not allowing me to drive car yet >.<

Come back to the Management studies exam,
Hmm, can be considered as easy also,
I hope i can score in this subject toooo,
Although some of the question I not so sure,
But it still within the range i can score A,
Went back home after exam and keep playing maple !!!
hehe, planning to on 2x exp next week,
All please pray smoother line for me next week!!!
and also hope that lance can reply me as sooooon as possible >.<
Really hope that he allow clyde to spam me T.T
Today they spam for silv and she jump from lv109 to lv125 >.<
Gratz but i am jealous again >.<

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