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July 2008

LPS farewell, Picture with my batch and my junior~
The only few guys in LPS, EXTINCT SPECIES!!!

August 2008

Picture taken after our Computer Studies Debate, my group score the highest ^^, although the team oppose is almost banana gang! PRO, Thank to u all... Notice that First time in formal dress~ Hehe [cute Fei, Anson, Zhen Bao, Me, Kar Wai, Shin Tat]

First Time we meet and now we become a very good friend~ [Tracy and Me] Hehe =)


TD1 formal wear[ Zhen Bao, me, Cute Fei, Kar Wai]
Casual Wear[ Chun Kit, Chin Wei, Frog zai, Sushi]

Ms secret~ You will Know wad i mean... LOL

September 2008

The day we in theme park GENTING HIGHLAND!!!!

OMG!!!! Where is others? playing poker -.-

Yummy leh? We BBQ at genting 1 wor, 1st blood... LOL~

Look the battery... LALALA~

Where we all look at? gt lenglui huh?!

Cool pose~

October 2008

Yeng mou?! the day my hair had grown alot!!!

November 2008

Where you pointing on?!

Eating chicken rice~

My Birthday, they brought me to eat Pan Mee ^^

December 2008

The last day ms Tan teach us in UTAR, Sad leh, You the a good lecturer, I will MISS you forever~



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